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          Ptfe products usage and classification is introduced

          時間:2014-11-26 11:58:23   From:   View:14014

            Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) products USES a very wide range, classification is as follows:

            1, the general material

            All kinds of rods, tubes, plate film, tape, rope, packing, gaskets, and the use of graphite, molybdenum disulfide, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, glass fiber, carbon fiber as a filler, to improve the mechanical properties of pure ptfe.

            2, the anti-corrosion class

            Ptfe membrane through vertical and horizontal two-way stretch in a large number of pores, is a kind of new materials, and other fabric composite, it can be made into smoke solid-phase anticorrosive filter bag or good waterproof breathable, windproof, warm rain gear uniforms, winter coat, special protective clothing and lightweight tents, pharmaceutical, various kinds of solvents of sterile compressed air with air filter and filter of high purity gas in the electronics industry.

            (1) pipes and fittings: pure ptfe tube; Ptfe lining tube; Wrap a glass steel pipe; Composite steel flange;

            (2) chemical container liner: ptfe lining kettle; Ptfe lined with groove; Ptfe lined with tower;

            (3) heat exchanger

            (4) corrugated pipe

            (5) and the main components of the pump valve

            (6) wire enhance full pressure hose

            (7) filtering material.

            3, sealed class

            (1) static seal: sandwich gasket; Take a strip; Elastic sealing strip;

            (2) the dynamic seal (packing, ring seals) : V -- for shaft, piston rod, valve seal body; Within the turbine pump seal; Teflon and rubber compound sealing ring; Mechanical seal with a corrugated pipe scalable.

            4, Dutch class

            (1) filled ptfe bearing, used in food chemical papermaking, textile machinery

            (2) the porous copper impregnated fluorine plastic metal bearing, the dry friction at high temperature and high pressure, vacuum under the conditions of normal use;

            (3) the ptfe fiber bearing ptfe fiber and glass fiber or other bearing liner made of fiber blended fabric, used for low speed high load;

            (4) filled ptfe piston rings, oriented ring, machine tool guide rail and bridge the slider

            5, insulation class

            (1) C level of wire and cable insulation materials;

            (2) the double water cooled turbo generator stator and rotor of diversion pipe and thermocouple sheath;

            (3) the high frequency, ultra high frequency communications equipment and the radar microwave dielectric materials;

            (4) printed wire board, motor and transformer transformer (including gas) insulation materials;

            (5) the air conditioning, electric furnace, all kinds of heater and sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker of insulating materials.

            6, anti-sticking,

            (1) the ptfe glass cloth on the sizing machine hot roller coating, can be exempted from chemical pulp formation sticking phenomenon, greatly improve the production rate and billet;

            (2) the food industry of microwave drying of conveyor belt, compared with other materials transportation with do not absorb microwave energy, non-stick content enough electricity saving and clean;

            (3) the polyethylene bag sealing of a thermal set of anti-sticking materials;

            (4) the anti-sticking coating -- for kitchen pot, pan baked bread, frozen food storage tray, iron on the palm, duplicator clamp roll.

            7, heat-resistant class

            (1) microwave drive gear, such as microwave connecting shaft, roller;

            (2) a variety of refrigerator, air conditioner, oxygen generator, compressor and heat-resistant parts;

            (3) when applied to the silicon raw material drying after cleaning the oven tray, bedding in the tray with the material can avoid the silicon raw material with the metal contact surface, also can have the effect of high temperature resistant, anti acid and alkali

            8, other classes

            (1) human body substitute heart arteries, veins, membrane;

            (2) the endoscope, clamp catheters, trachea;

            (3) other tube, bottle, filter cloth and other medical equipment.

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